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    Our site provides the most beautiful designs by Ray and Charles
    Eames. We strive to provide excellent quality contemporary
    furniture at fantastic prices.

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New Products

The Eames Chair and all of its varieties is a divine piece of contemporary furniture. Charles and Ray Eames design some of the most striking chairs available on the market today. There are Eames chairs for every room in your house and each one is more stunning than the next.

Eames Office Chairs

New to the collection are a variety of office chairs that will complement any business décor. The High Back Soft Pad Chair is perfect for anyone who prefers more support without sacrificing comfort or function. Its counterpart is the Low Back Soft Pad Chair. It is just like the higher model except the back is lower for anyone who finds that more comfortable. Both chairs also come in a model with a thinner pad and are called respectfully the Eames Low Back Thin Pad Chair and Eames High Back Thin Pad Chair.

Eames Chair

When it comes to kitchen chairs if something less traditional is desired then an Eames chair is a great place to start. The Eames DAR Eiffel Chair and the DAW Eiffel Arm Chair are both newly available and great choices. No matter what theme is showcased in the kitchen Eames chairs will fit right in.

What about a nursery? The Eames RAR Rocker chair is the perfect match for any nursery and comes in a choice of neutral yet colorful shades. It also is easy to clean which is a great choice in any nursery. Baby blue, white and yellow are perfect for a gender neutral nursery. With their great price they could easily go in every child’s bedroom or play room. Red and Royal Blue are good ideas for the kid’s rooms.

Eames Lounge Chairs

When it comes to the living room comfort is key. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a great choice. It will look nice in any living area and has style written all over it. It is made of Italian Leather and the base is constructed of oak. The Lounge Chair with Thin Pad is a very nice contemporary piece for any home.

For your dining area the Organic Chair is a show stopper. The fabric is Danish Wool and comes in some truly amazing colors. The striking red, Apple green, and royal blue are just a few of the stunning colors available to choose from. The DCM Eiffel Chair is made of wood which is a good choice when children are around. The wood is fabulous and you can choose from Oak, Beech, Rose, Walnut and Black Ash.

For a touch of contemporary in the bedroom then a smart choice would be the La Chaise Chair. It has a truly organic form and looks as though it could be in a museum. It is molded in a way that makes it comfortable for anyone who may sit in it. It comes in multiple color choices including baby blue, yellow and white.

No matter which room of the house an Eames Chair makes its place in it always looks right at home.